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Caspian-Black Sea Corridor, Vertical corridor, Alternative corridor are those trunk roads that run through the territory of Georgia and intersect with each other at several points.

The central geographical position in the region, the free trade agreement and various bilateral agreements on economic cooperation with border countries make Georgia an ideal neighboring country for carrying out its economic and export-import activities in transit through Georgia. In addition, thousands of transit cargos enter and leave Georgia every day from almost all of its borders. Many of them arrive or go to the countries of Central Asia, reaching their final destination along the most convenient and shortest Georgian roads.
Today Georgia is one of the most important transit gates between Europe and Asia and makes a great contribution to global logistics.
Alagi's customs representatives assist in the clearance of goods in different customs regimes, perform the work necessary for the legal crossing of the international border by cargo.

Customs and brokerage services:

  • Preparation of documents (sea, air, land, cargo);
  • Customs clearance / cargo clearance;
  • Preliminary rechecking of documents before the arrival of goods;
  • Preparation of documentation for the transportation of dangerous goods;
  • Preparation of permits for the transportation of oversized cargo;

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