About Us

Alagi Logistics is a company focused on quality and development, offering the best services to its partners. "Alagi" creates high-quality products in the field of services, employs and professionally develops people, thereby contributing to the development of the country's economy.

The company makes significant investments in personnel training in order to create a strong intellectual base, a pleasant and efficient working environment, in which the staff determines the company's development path. Alagi offers its customers the most friendly and competitive service.

"Alagi Logistics" LLC was founded on December 11, 2018 by specialists with many years of experience in the field of logistics and services and is still actively operating on the Georgian and international markets. "Alagi" has become one of the leaders in the field of transportation in the region within a short period of time. Leading companies of many countries trust the experience and quality of "Alagi". Along with the growth of customers' demands and wishes, over time, the company faced new challenges, which resulted in the growth and development of "Alagi", as well as the attraction of additional financial and human resources. As a result of acquired experience and implemented projects, "Alagi" gradually strengthened its status as a forwarding company in the field of international shipping, developed rapidly, implemented new projects and gained the name of a responsible and attractive employer. As of August 2022, "Alagi" employs more than 25 employees, with the participation of whom it conducts negotiations with partners and clients in 5 languages.

By August 2022, Alagi includes:

  • 200 sq. m. the office
  • 25 employees
  • 370 customers from 62 industries
  • Ability to communicate in 5 languages
  • 200 partners - from 12 countries

Service strategy - easy, fast and pleasant. The company's sales growth strategy is related to service improvement, so that our service/product and the delivery process itself are fast, smooth and comfortable for the customer.

Service strategy, structure and processes should be built on the principle - the best in the market and distinguished from competitors. To constantly look for ways and means of improving service processes; to ensure the professional growth, knowledge and experience of our employees involved in the service process; Raising their motivation and taking care of customer satisfaction by creating and improving a comfortable environment.

Special attention to minor or even less important details that will lead to a positive attitude and sympathy from customers. Among our clients are companies to whom we offer quality services using our developed and effective method: including so called payment before emptying, at the rate of a commercial bank no higher than the rate of the National Bank, with full documentation. We cooperate with companies whose choice is complete and accurate, reliable and convenient service.

We offer: services performed in accordance with the company's KPI client's requirements, within the stipulated time. Competitive, comprehensive, knowledge and experience based, five-step logistics process - contact-offer-contract-load-unload. Taking into account the requirements of the customers, refined and well-organized destinations - Turkey, China, EU member and non-member countries, both by land, by sea and by air.

We believe that through data processing, constantly evolving, supply chain-based decisions and their optimization, is one of the main contributing factors to our customers' business success. We prioritize close and long-term cooperation and partnership, accumulation and growth of knowledge and experience, identification of risks and their neutralization. Our mission is to find and explore customer needs, routes, alternative and innovative delivery methods and services; Generating and implementing the best logistics solutions tailored to the needs of clients, oriented towards development. As well as supporting any type or size of business or sector, both in the retail and consumer trade segments.

In today's developing world, logistics is the backbone of global trade and plays an important role in all aspects of our daily lives. Considering the above, we have the ambition to make "Alagi Logistics" the leading company in the industry of the region. In an unpredictable, changing, complex and paradoxical world, we create values for our customers that meet their most ambitious or complex requirements.

As one of the leaders of the logistics industry in the region, Allagi Logistics is committed to the continuous search for excellence, from operational processes to environmental work.

"Alagi" means place, road in old Georgian. With us you always choose the right road "Alagi".

Business Canvas

Major partners

Strategic partnerships between competitors

Optimization and Economy due to the increase in the scale of services

Major occupation

Forwarding services in international shipments

A key Resource

Intellectual Resource

Valuable Proposition

We enable clients to focus on their own business by "doing their own thing"

Relationship with the customer

Personal assistance + allocation of a personal representative for each shipment


Own direct channel, qualified sales team

Customer segment

Niche market - legal entities that carry out export and import

Cost structure

Cost Oriented + variable costs

Income Structure

Service cost + Real time trading

Our Members of our team

Alagi's team combines logistics, customs service and customer communication specialists.