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Supply chains and the freight industry are changing, and most companies have limited resources and limited time. Brokerage service let you focus on other critical aspects of your business, save you time and money, optimize productivity and provide you with a competitive advantage.

To fully understand the benefits and the use of freight broker services, it’s important to understand how they work.
What does a freight broker do?

Documents preparation
It is an initial stage of the transportation process. At this stage, the broker will ask you to provide you with all the necessary information about your load, including contact information, addresses, freight weight, type, dimensions, etc. Also, the broker will ask you to mention handling conditions, commodity type, and other important data (e.g. to prepare the documentation required for the transport of dangerous and oversized goods).
Freight loading is one of the main stages in the transportation process, and brokers play a huge role in it. Freight brokers connect with the drivers to ensure they arrived on time, and manage the process of safe cargo loading. Then, the carrier signs a bill of lading and becomes responsible for your freight.
While your freight is in transit, a freight broker tracks freight and manages it. We have complete transparency into the shipping process and get regular updates. With freight brokers and a third-party logistics company, shippers stay up to date with their freight status and can be sure everything goes smoothly.
During the unloading process, the consignee signs the bill of lading. Once the carrier confirms successful unloading and completes the necessary paperwork, the broker gets the paperwork and invoices to the shipper.
The final stage of the freight shipping process is billing when the freight broker issues an invoice to the shipper and the shipper pays the bill.
With our vast network of pre-qualified carriers, we are ready for any shipment need at any time. Making your spot-freight moves efficient and simple is our specialty.
Alagi has the knowledge and experience to handle your cross-border shipments, customs clearance, and permits. The company also has its own customs representatives, who are actively working to simplify for the consumer all procedures necessary for customs clearance/outbound customs clearance of goods. They can handle complicated lanes and supply capacity for your company’s needs for seamless freight flow and on-time delivery. Also, they have extensive industry expertise and connections to negotiate lower rates for you, and also handle all the communication between shippers and carriers. You get instant access to the largest network of carriers in 120 countries.

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