Sea shipping

Ocean freight (or sea freight) is the most common form of transport for importers and exporters, accounting for 90% of goods transported globally. Sea transport is used to cover large distances and is suitable for non-perishable goods: generally, in fact, it is the most economical type of transport, but it is also slower. The weather can vary from a few days to months, depending on the distance and the services available. A positive aspect is that with this type of transport it is possible to move large quantities of materials compared to competitors by land and air, which have much more limited possibilities.
Increasing difficulties are instead given by finding, once the goods have arrived in the port, an adequate connection network with the hinterland. However, sea transport remains the ideal vehicle for long distances and large international loads, of course, if the company has a turnover that covers the costs of the service. Short list of our sea shipping services:

  • Transportation from all countries of the world to Poti and Batumi ports, and inland transport within the Transcaucasia
  • Bulk cargo shipment
  • Direct representative activity in Poti and Batumi ports
  • Port services provision
  • Securing of cargo both on ship and vehicles
  • Cargo description and reporting
  • Providing further transportation with our own car park
  • Ferry shipping
  • Preparing all shipping documents

Alagi gives you a wide choice of shipping in containers such as LCL (set cargo), FTL (full containers), temperature cargo and many others. Our multi-year partnership with the world’s leading sea lines gives you the opportunity to get the best prices and transit times for sea shipping.

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