Air shipment

Air shipment is a fast and convenient way of transporting goods over long distances. Air transport is irreplaceable if you need express delivery of urgent cargo, important documents, special purpose cargo. International air freight services are used when transporting large volumes of cargo or equipment. Air cargo delivery is convenient in the case of trial batches of products, because the buyer should first evaluate the feasibility of long-term cooperation with the supplier. Air freight was and remains the most expensive means of cargo transportation. The advantages of air freight justify their cost:

Maximum speed of delivery
Through air shipment, cargo is transported faster than other means of transportation.

Savings on packaging and customs fees
Even the simplest type of packaging is suitable for air freight, and the amount of tax can be calculated from the gross amount of freight, which is much lower than sea freight.

Broad geography of delivery
In the absence of road and rail connections, cargo can be transported to the most remote point of any country.

Security and reliability of cargo transportation.
Air transport is distinguished by a low frequency of incidents and accidents.

Economy on warehousing services
For the most part, cargo is transported by air from the airport directly to the destination, which allows saving the costs necessary for their storage.

Based on systematic changes in air transport policies and regulations and dynamic service development, every company needs a reliable partner. “Alagi" offers one of the most flexible range of cargo transportation on a global scale. Our company cooperates with more than 50 of the world's leading airlines in 30 countries, which allows us to provide the customer with the best service..

Our growing list of partners and customers includes both market leaders and large, medium and small entrepreneurs.

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Our professionalism and reliability are trusted by both market leaders and small and young companies.

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