Quality control

Quality control

It is important for "Alagi" to focus on service strategy. The goal is to make the delivery service perfect for the customer. This can be realized through customer dictation,, which means receiving and processing information from customers through our work. To create a good business model, it is necessary to see through the eyes of the customer. For this, the qualification department of "Alagi" conducts specific systematic research, as a result of which it learns the opinions of existing clients as well as unreachable segments.


The following topics are studied:

  • What work do our customers have to do and how can we help them?
  • What aspirations do our clients have and how can we help them realize them.
  • Which channels do you prefer to communicate with us?
  • As a company, how can we best fit into their everyday lives.
  • What kind of relationship do our customers want to establish with us?
  • What value will they pay for?


Examples of quality control:

  • Quality research of each shipment.
  • Advanced research with clients, once a quarter.
  • Evaluation of each other by employees involved in the process.
  • Evaluation of the employee of the month.
  • Dynamics of shipping growth statistics.


Quality improvement policy for work performance

The purpose of this policy and procedure is to ensure consistent and equitable treatment of employees who experience difficulties in the performance of their official duties. The company is committed to helping and encouraging employees to maintain high work standards that ensure quality customer service. The mentioned policy was created for such cases when the employee of "Alagi" does not have knowledge of certain issues, does not have skills and/or cannot fulfill the required duties in full or a significant part of them) at a satisfactory level. This policy is intended to help staff achieve and maintain the required level of performance. A high level of work performance is an expected result of using this procedure. In cases where the completion of the performance improvement plan has not resulted in an improvement in the quality of work performance, the representative of the personnel management department and the employee's immediate supervisor will agree on the next plan. The mentioned procedure applies to all employees of "Alagi". The procedure does not apply to: unsatisfactory work performance caused by negligence, intentional disregard of performance standards, as well as frequent, persistent and short-term absenteeism. The mentioned actions are considered within the framework of the disciplinary policy. The Performance Improvement Policy is available upon request from the Personnel Management Department.