Responsibility - the ability of the subject (person, group of people or organization) to adequately respond to the result (by his own actions or inaction) that he was assigned or took upon himself.

"The word 'accident' was coined to cover up their own incompetence and avoid responsibility".

What makes us a responsible organization:

  • International experience, knowledge, resources and quality control of processes through which we create a unique experience and analyze each error;
  • Automation and flexibility, it's not just about doing more with fewer resources, it's about being exceptional and leaving no request unanswered. Through our intellectual (human and informational) resources and technologies, we always try to design processes that reduce the likelihood of human error through automation. Such a method, based on the accumulation and processing of data, allows for adaptation and finding quick ways. The monitoring of the process is already performed by a person, which minimizes the probability of making a mistake;
  • Clearly fulfilling the agreed issue, admitting one's mistake, putting each person involved in the process on oneself (including at the financial, reputational and emotional level) and learning from them.
  • Providing accurate information. Involvement as much as possible in the process of the case and bringing the case to the end.
  • Examining the customer's needs, thoroughly preparing for the meetings, planning the conversation in advance for us, is an expression of responsibility and respect towards the client. Adherence to ethical standards even in crisis situations, recording at least all client requests in the system and timely processing.
  • We try to do everything to avoid the negative scenario of the client's events.
  • Taking financial responsibility, through mandatory risk insurance, in case of breach of agreement.


It is the moral quality of expressing truth, simplicity, honesty, without hypocrisy and ulterior motives.

"We only sell what we can be proud of"

To us, being honest means:

  • Don't promise what you can't do.
  • We cooperate with clients for whom seeing the real (not embellished) picture and correct forecasting is more important than listening to beautiful stories, which will give an opportunity to plan the processes correctly and get the expected result.
  • We do not compromise ethics for profit.
  • In a business relationship, you must speak openly and honestly, you cannot build relationships on lies. Be honest with the customer and gain their trust. If the customer does not feel genuine, no sales technique will work.


The ability to fulfill obligations, (according to the agreement) reputation in relation to the brand, is a reliability.

In the information environment, decision-making is becoming more and more difficult, what is associated with the company in the eyes of consumers dominates decision- making, our goal is for this association to be reliable, which is formed on the basis of mutual respect and trust between counterparties, reputation is the basis of all successful business operations.

"In the world of the future, where money will lose its value, reputation will become the dominant measure of wealth" - Davit Shalutashvili

Reliability implies that:

  • We have strict self-control, we are faithful to our words and deeds, we are punctual and responsible.
  • We have experienced and reliable partners.
  • We try our best to make a positive impact in order to be able to optimally combine values, services and processes;
  • We are inspired by the idea of providing the kind of reliable service that our clients, partners and colleagues expect;
  • We are a convenient and reliable resource through which service becomes a comfortable process, the quality and reliable performance of which is guaranteed by professionals.
  • Our commitment to quality is the cornerstone of our success, we get every detail right. Quality of service delivered (timely, error-free and professionally delivered service)
  • We are proud of our global reputation built on reliable, repeatable results and uncompromising customer experience. To build trust and maintain our position in the industry, we are committed to relentless accuracy and quality control to ensure that our freight clients' shipments reach their destination on time, safely and securely.