Orbeliani Square

Within the framework of the Tbilisi development fund "Akhali Tbilisi" ("New Tbilisi"), the capital of Georgia has rehabilitated Grigol Orbeliani Square, and today it is one of the important "business cards" of the capital.

20 buildings located in this historical area were restored and rehabilitated. 13 of them are monuments of historical and cultural heritage. 10 of the twenty buildings were rebuilt. The interior yards of the structures were also refurbished. All architectural and artistic survived details of the monument were restored, the iron and wood elements were renewed. Lighting and many other restorations were performed. Within the framework of rehabilitation and restoration works of the square Gr. Orbeliani, under the streets of Phkhovi and Hazina, was built an underground car park, designed for 170 cars. During the rehabilitation, works of Orbeliani Square and adjacent streets, the so-called Flowers Market and recreational spaces were put in order and updated.

The team of Alagi Logistics took an active part in the delivery of the cargo necessary for the project, thus making its significant contribution to the timely completion of the above-mentioned historically valuable project.