My manager

Your reliable partner!

What is “my manager”?

Today it is very difficult to find a reliable partner, but it is more difficult to find a partner with high
qualified staff! Quite often there are cases when you need to find your cargo location, request
documents, check status or even search your cargo.
Our multi-year experience and the right approach to staff selection and development makes it
possible to provide you with always reliable and high quality service!

What is “my manager” responsible for?

  • Offer all services available to us
  • Timely processing of order pricing
  • Pre-clear all possible information for order fulfillment
  • Process the order
  • In advance preparation / submission of documents
  • Systematic update of statuses
  • Proper communication with suppliers in the language that is acceptable to them
  • Timely inform our customers in case of any changes (such as: change of cargo sizes, absence of cargo
    documents, untimely response of supplier, etc
  • Optimal scheduling / notifiying / timing of your cargo



Many years of experience in the field of logistics and transportation, allows us to build a smooth and
quality delivery cycle!

Properly planned supply chain

Properly selected optimal delivery way

Proper Transit Dates

Preparation of all necessary documents for transportation

Door to door delivery

The company carries out internal transportation from customs to the client’s door

The company can deliver cargo of any size and weight to any part of Georgia.

The company also has distribution within each country, which allows us to send goods to any country.

Multimodal and combined transportation

The company provides combined transport, which may include
at the same time land, sea, air and rail transportation.

The company provides multimodal transportation, consolidating warehouses from various
countries, ultimately delivering them to one destination.

Need help?

Please email or contact us at the phone number below. 0322 051 393

Your cargo is in trusted hands


Why our services? The company has for many years been firmly holding a leading position in international transportation. Today our company works with about 100 stable and satisfied partners from different countries. Service of the highest quality – our guarantee!

Your cargo is protected It is convenient to work with our company, since you do not need to worry about when your cargo arrives and whether your order can be delayed. With us all your cargo is in safe hands!

Highly qualified team Our company employs more than 30 professional employees who process more than 150 orders and prices daily. Each company is served by a manager who does not waste his energy to make his partner happy with us!

  • A properly assembled logistics lineMulti- year experience in logistics and transportation has allowed us to say – we are trusted!
  • Custom warehouse network all over the worldAlagi Logistics - has warehouses in all strategically important locations.
  • 100% accuracyOrdering, Delivery on Pre-agreed Terms

A reliable partner for your business!