About us

История компании

Who are we?

The company “Alagi” was founded in 2018 by three members with seven years of experience in logistics! Since its establishment the main goal of the company has been to provide customers with the highest quality service! Within a short time of its establishment, the company soon became a leader in the field of transportation and gained a reputation both domestically and abroad. The professionalism and quality of the company are trusted by leading companies around the world. From time to time, customer demands have also been growing and becoming more complex, which in itself has led to new challenges and our development. This requirement has led to additional financial / human resources and company expansion! Based on years of experience and planned projects, standards of safety, ethics and quality assurance have gradually increased.


  • With today’s reality, there are about 100 companies worldwide who working with us
  • The company has its own car park consisting of 86 cubic meters, 105 cubic meters and 120 cubic
    meters cars!
  • Alagi team consists of 30+ professional logistics, customs and customer relationship staff.
  • We have developed a customs-warehouse network all over the world.
  • We have completed about 8,000 projects of different complexity.

The word “Alagi” – in ancient georgian literally means trail / path. With us you always choose the
right path.


Custom- warehouse worldwide


Partner companies worldwide


Vehicles around the world


Completed projects since establishment

Our goal is

  • Fast and high quality serviceWith a well-planned logistics cycle, you receive orders within a pre-agreed timeframe
  • 100% accuracyOur team chooses the best and optimal way to deliver orders
  • Guarantees and safetyOur partner cargos are always in reliable hands!

Nowadays it is quite common for different companies to hear the reasons after delivering cargo, such as: delays at borders, inappropriate transport choosing, price increases. These problems are excluded with cooperating with us! You will work with an employee specially selected for your company, who will pre-agree information with the suppliers, and plan the most optimal and shortest transportation,in case of border rows in advance will inform you and advise you possible alternative ways, because timely / high quality delivery of your goods is important to us! We recommend the best! Our Company – Your Stable Business Partner!

Our company is your stable business partner!